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Мы будем держать вас в курсе новых продуктов и услуг.

We will be opened during all the summer

Дата: 2015-08-17

Dear customer,


The summer is still there with hot temperature.


For any request, you can contact our technical and sales teams.


We will be opened during all the summer.


Tel: +38 050 462 46 56

Email: yakhnovskiy@area.com.ua


We wish you a nice summer 2015,


Area team

Panasonic expands their range for compressors AC-inverter with high efficiency and reliability

Дата: 2015-07-03

On September the new model C-SBVN373L0B will be available for refrigeration medium temperature application.


This model has very interesting characteristics:


- Displacement: 85.5 cm3
- 5 HP
- Frequency Range: 25 – 80 Hz
- Cooling capacity modulation from: 3.75 to 14,70kW (evap temp:-10ºC, cond temp: 45ºC, suction gas temp:18.3ºC, sub cooling: 0k)
- Refrigerants: R404A, R134a, R407F/A
- Large working envelope.



The performances of this compressor, make it excellent for refrigeration medium temperature for food shops, supermarkets, restaurants, gas station, meat industry etc...


Thanks to the inverter technology it will adapt his capacity according to the demand, which make it the perfect solution for multiple services installations.



The installation will be compact, low noise level with high energetic efficiency.


The working Cycles extended, extending the usable life of the compressor and an important reduction for the electrical consumption.

Sanyo / Panasonic

Дата: 2015-04-01

Dear partner,


Since 2011 Dalian Sanyo Compressors Co, Ltd it’s part of the Panasonic Group. As a result, our principal Dalian Sanyo Compressor Co Ltd. changed their name to Panasonic Applications Compressors (Dalian) Co.Ltd.


Area Cooling Solutions continues its cooperation with the new entity Panasonic as its european representative for the sale of scroll compressors,  with the aim of increase our presence and service in the market which has been entrusted to us.


From April 1st 2015 we will start deliveries of compressors with the new Panasonic brand. This fact does not imply any change in the product features, name, nor tecnical specifications. The name plate in each compressor will show the  the new company name. You may download the technical sheets updated in the link below: http://www.areacooling.ru/produkciya/kompressory/germeticheskij/spiralnye/sanyo/


Due to our policy to maintain large stocks in Europe, you may expect to receive compressors with either Sanyo or Panasonic brand for a transition period extending well into 2016.


Best regards